Excellence is not an act, but a habit. The Barbell Academy empowers the athlete to embody habitual excellence both during training and throughout daily life. Physical prowess, mental fortitude and a cutting sharp, precise mindset are key attributes of BBA athletes of all abilites, experience levels and backgrounds.

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The Barbell Academy produces excellence in the sports of Weightlifting, Strongman and Strongwoman. Through a holistic approach through physical & mental training, nutritional guidance and lifestyle adaption your training will be tailored to deliver you to and then past your goals - you will evolve in ways you did not imagine possible to iterate upon and become your best self.

Weightlifting, Strongman and Strongwoman are multi-faceted - far beyond the total weight the athlete lifts. Technical excellence produces a body which moves to function: impeccable posture; connection through body and mind; ability to move effectily and freely through full motion and well-rounded, complete athleticism are but a few of the benefits our athletes see to their bodies.

An ability to clear out the noise around us and focus entirely is a seldom seen skill which BBA athletes excel in. Complete mental resilience and commitment put the athlete in ever greater control of their own world - and the ability to mold this world as they envision. Mental empowerment doesn't 'unlock' doors, it kicks them straight off the hinges.

Complete evolution of the self is within us all. This potential will slowly become decrepit, derelict in the vast majority of the population - many of whom will delude themselves that futile cycles of relative inaction will change this.

The vast majority of the population will live their last hours realising all they could have been, and never were. Nobody will be to blame but the self.

Complete evolution of the self is attainable to you right now. You dictate the action you take each and every new day. Under the Barbell Academy and amongst the Fitcess Fam, you can and will become all you dream to be. Your dreams will become targets, and we surpass every target we set.

We ask that you demonstrate a work ethic and a commitment that will not falter. We accept good and bad days, we will not accept complacency. Your training, your progression, your evolution will develop at your own pace in a structure built to ensure every session is achievable and attainable. The entire BBA system is designed to be adaptable to meet your individual needs, circumstances and other factors.

If you are prepared to give your all in body, mind and spirit each day - the Barbell Academy will see you grow in body, mind and spirit each day.

If you cannot apply yourself as above, there objectively is no place for you.

If you can apply yourself as above, we will see you flourish and become your very best self.

If you can apply yourself as above, continue below and make this the first step of your journey to excellence.