Georgia Billington

Georgia works at Fitcess as part of the Admin team. She is hoping to begin her apprenticeship here in the summer of 2021 to grow her knowledge in fitness and health.  However in the mean time, if you see her around the gym and need help with anything, she is here to help you!

“You are not bound by circumstance” 
This quote means a lot to me in everyday life. It reminds me that whatever situation I’m in, I should not allow that to stop me meeting my goals.
Once I realised I wasn’t bound by my surroundings I started to believe in myself and what I could do and only changing for self improvements. 
When I joined Fitcess I only had one goal, to get fitter and hopefully lose some weight. However, that all changed when I started powerlifting. I was pleased with my body knowing how strong it was and what I could do with it, making me happy day to day. 
There’s no looking back!


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