The Team

Who We Are

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Declan Murphy

Founder & CEO

Dec is the founder of Fitcess Gym, and also coaches along side this.


Nicky Coupe

Gym Manager

Nicky is the gym manager here at Fitcess and does a lot of the behind the scenes work at Fitcess!

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Nathan Brunskill

Personal Trainer and Coach 

Nathan is the owner of Strongbuild Training, his performance training can take you to the next level


Piyush Pandey

Personal Trainer and Coach 

Piyush is one of our Barbell Academy coaches here at Fitcess, he also does 1-2-1 sessions where he works with clients to become a competitive athlete.


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Thomas Hulme

Personal Trainer and Coach

Tom is one of our Barbell Academy coaches and has been here since the start of BBA. Tom also offers 1-2-1 coaching on powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman/woman. He is a very knowledgable coach who can help you go to the next level.


Georgia Billington

Apprentice Personal Trainer

Georgia is an apprentice personal trainer here at Fitcess, she currently coaches some of our Group Training classes and offers 1-2-1 sessions, she has her brand of M.I.A Coaching


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