Piyush Pandey


For today’s post I have spoken to Piyush, one of our coaches on the Barbell Academy, about his training, his accomplishments and what he wants to see for himself in the future.


Why do you train?

I train the olympic lifts simply because they keep me occupied. There's not a single second through my session where I'm not thinking of something to work on and it's fun throwing weights overhead at the same time. If I was to squat bench deadlift my whole life I'd probably lose my mind. 


How did you get into training?

I've always been into sports, played cricket and tennis during my school days and trained in the gym 1-2 days / week to supplement my sport but after leaving tennis I got into training full time and never looked back


What is your why?

Like I said I enjoy the olympic lifts more than any other movement in the gym and the feeling of getting better at something so difficult is just amazing


What would you like to achieve in the future?

I'd like to qualify for commonwealth games, the qualifying total is 253kg, my current total is 200kg 


What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Qualifying for nationals