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Get to know Strongbuild Training!

Hi guys, I hope we have all been keeping in good spirits as we look forward to April 12th and the route of normality that will follow in the coming months!

In these last few months we have been constantly battered with negativity within the media. Causing us to feel exhausted and fed up of the way we are living our lives! Something that has resonated with me is that mental health is just as important as our physical health. As a personal trainer in today’s society I’m fortunate enough to be challenge with different issues that individuals may have and I aim to teach both men and women to become physically and mentally stronger!

Training is something that can initially feel

like a chore, especially if we are forcing ourselves to do something we don’t enjoy! When I train I aim to do something that I know I enjoy, this helps me feel stronger within myself but also helps me build my confidence and mental strength, especially when I’m feeling low or stressed! The power of training is amazing once you feel it for yourself. Whether you’re needing support in training, overwhelmed at work and need time for yourself or just sick and tired of not seeing results then message me on my Instagram (@strongbuild_training) or Facebook page (Strongbuild Training) to find out how you can achieve your goals!

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