Performance Training

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Strongbuild Training was designed to help people feel physically and mentally stronger. I aim to boost self-esteem and confidence in your lifestyle. Something that’s important to me is to develop a community within my business, something that the gym has created so successfully! 

Majority of the training that I aim to focus on is a lot of weight training exercise, it’s a great indicator of your capabilities as well as enhancing strength development. With this type of training it’s easy to become passionate about especially once you start seeing progress! However, I have a strong passion for performance based training. Whether this is developing power, agility and speed or focusing on off/pre-season training for sports performance.

Strongbuild performance training is run by Nathan Brunskill, a coach with over 6 years experience in coaching professional athletes.Nathan only asks for 3 things from you: trust, consistency and hard work! The results come when we stay on this path, we all have different goals and mindsets. Success in YOUR fitness journey is MY goal, invest in yourself today!