Thomas Hulme


No other pursuit in life has inspired me like the pursuit of physical and mental excellence

-Thomas Hulme

A bit on my background

I first stepped foot into a gym at thirteen: inactive, unfit and unhappy. My first goal was to win cross country in my year at school - so I trained as hard as physically possible. I had no real knowledge of training or nutrition but I had an insatiable work ethic - spending almost 7 hours every Saturday and Sunday working out until I dropped. My goals grew as my hunger to achieve them grew.


Over the years I pursued every avenue to develop my knowledge: to train smarter; move with ever greater quality; work always harder and recover with maximal efficiency. This journey took me through Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Strongman. At age 16 I explored Olympic Weightlifting and found a new passion.


No other pursuit in life has inspired me like the pursuit of physical and mental excellence. This ambition is primal, within us all if we only listen. From this primal desire comes our thirst to expand our minds and to forcibly evolve our bodies. My journey is only accelerating faster every year - my true passion lies in becoming the greatest form of the self; and to exceed every limit I encounter.

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What I Coach

Olympic Weightlifting is the most complete pursuit of physical and mental excellence. Learning to move in your most natural way; learning to apply the true power of a focused mind; and learning to unleash the inner athlete.


Olympic Weightlifting produces the complete athlete - with no stone unturned in body or in mind. The weightlifter is empowered both in the gym and outside as they realise their true potential and the power they hold - if only directed by willpower and unflinching focus.


Strongman and Strongwoman are true tests of the mental and physical capacity of the individual. Tests of every calibre to determine strength, power, endurance and fortitude in body and in mind.


Applying the principles of Olympic Weightlifting to Strongman/woman provides a unique and limitless technical edge to facilitate accelerating progress and consistent results. Strongman/woman takes the athlete to their physical and mental limits on a frequent basis... getting comfortable living in these limits is where the athlete truly lives as their raw, most powerful self.

What I can offer you:


As your coach I will hand nothing to you on a plate. But it will be my endeavour to continuously develop your knowledge, empower you with ever-growing confidence and to endow you with limitless skill.


Under my guidance you will realise week by week your potential. Your potential to unlock your mind, to unshackle the chains that limit you. You will develop complete control of your mind and thereby complete control of your body. You will realise just how hard you can pursue your goals in the gym, and just how hard you can pursue them in your daily life. You will take with raw willpower that which you have desired for so long.


Under my guidance and as you become further and further empowered, I will see you surpass every goal we set - I will see you exceed yourself to the point at which doing so becomes simple habit. You will become your best self with every passing day.


There are no limits, unless you allow them to exist. The entire text above can apply to you, I say this with deadly certainty. My team of athletes are of every background, every experience level and every set of circumstances. None of these factors matter to me or to them.

If you have a hunger to become more, to be better - we will excel together

-Thomas Hulme


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Telephone: 07825 006859